Platform Demographics: Android out-machos the rest, iPod Touch scores with Youth

via Engadget:

Apparently, men not only like robots, they they prefer Android (the OS) as well:

Considering how skewed toward men technology was just half a generation ago, it’s fairly startling how evenly the mobile device user base is split between men and women…with the notable exception of Android, where 3 out of 4 users are men.

No explanation was given for the discrepancy, but my money would be on the hacker  ethos surrounding the marquee Android phone–the Motorola Droid playing a big role in the split–combined with the hard lines and aggressively male styling that’s become endemic on the Motorola offerings:

Engadget also notes the interesting age breakdown mobile devices, with particular emphasis of the youthfulness of iPod Touch users:

As a dad, this one’s easy to explain: I’d give an iPod Touch to my music-obsessed kid whom I don’t want chatting away and racking up a crazy expensive phone bill every month. Once they can pay their own AT&T bill, I’d have no problem recommending the iPhone in its place 😉

Read the whole thing here:


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