Cheap Eye-Tracking Solutions?

I’ve been ogling eye-tracking rigs for years, with their ability (if you’re patient enough to read the data) to generate instant “heat maps” which show exactly why all those users never thought to click on the button that was so obviously the correct choice in your interface.

The problem: they’re crazy expensive. Think: “new Lexus” sorts of money.

But after a bit of searching around, I came across this:

It appears to be using a collection of open source and homebrew software (with the normal hack-it-together interface), but the idea of throwing together a system involving a bit of skill and a hundred dollar webcam is undeniably appealing.

Does anyone else have experience lashing up this sort of system? Alternately, any smart open source folks who are hip to this field want to form a venture to destroy the economics of the current market with a slick, economical eye-tracking system? (If you can bring the hardware/integration knowledge, we’ll bring the interface design skills!)


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